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  • Accessories

13 amp

All units are fitted with an external earthing position and comes complete with a 3 metre cable and 13amp plug.

A unit can be bolted directly to the IMRAK® vertical or alternatively can be bolted vertically to the 19" panel mounts with the use of a mounting bracket.

Other power distribution units (PDU) options such as IEC power sockets, 16amp c-form plugs, intelligent PDU (digital ammetered – Aphel UK, refer to distribution products) are also available.

Bayed Rack Cable Tunnel

The ''''bayed rack cable tunnel'''' has been designed to be used with the IMRAK®1400 (800mm wide cabinet) fitted with ''''reducing cable channels''''. The ''''bayed rack cable tunnel'''' fits between two racks and forms a tunnel for patch cords to run through when patching between racks.

Cable Control

This is a range of cable management networking installation accessories which not only aid cable installation but also help reduce damage to cabling.


Supplied configured into IMRAK®1400 or loose.
Assist cabling installation to meet EIA/TIA-568-A for Category 5..
Help sustain cable integrity for longer life and better performance.
Reduces poor cable management.
Speeds up cable dressing during installation and maintenance

Cable retention bobbin

The ''''cable retention bobbin'''' has been designed to be used with the (800mm wide cabinet) fitted with ''''reducing cable channels''''. The ''''cable retention bobbin'''' holds the cables within the ''''reducing cable channel'''' and control the cable bend radii when the cables are taken across onto the horizontal cable management panels.


Each heavy-duty castor has a loading capacity of 115Kg. Available with or without brake.

Fixed Shelf

Fixed shelves offers a loading capacity of 100Kg and are suitable for applications where heavy loads are required.


SJ offers a comprehensive range of blanking panels in aluminium or steel to suit 19" mounting. In addition, ventilation panels are available to provide an inlet for racks and enclosures


A plinth kit consists of 4 identical corner sections and four infill sections which allow easy modification for cable entry. Adjustable feet can be fitted to the plinth to align the rack on an uneven surface.

Sliding Shelf

The sliding shelf is mounted on the panel mounting angles, and offers a loading capacity of 25Kg, the heavy duty version offers load capacity of 55Kg.

Top Fan Tray

Top mounted fan tray with specified number of low noise exhaust fans are available to aid the cooling of equipment within the enclosure, and occupies zero U height.

Window Moulding

The ''window moulding'' has been designed to be used with the IMRAK®1400 (800mm wide cabinet) fitted with ''reducing cable channels''. A ''window molding'' clips into an aperture of the cable reducing channels'' and provides a smooth curved radius through which cables can be passed

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